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Aerospace and Defense

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    Aerospace and Defense companies face unique challenges with the size and scope of new “System of Systems” approaches to design and development, along with greater scrutiny of program budgets, governments’ initiatives to standardize manufacturing processes, and compliance with tightening regulatory oversight. Both defense contractors and commercial aviation companies feel pressures to preserve margins, reduce time-to-delivery, and improve profitability of long-term engineering configuration management control and aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) functions.

    In a period of consolidation and globalization among supply chain partners, companies need to re-engineer and streamline supply chain management ? among other functions ? to remain competitive.

    Our Expertise

    Our deep experience in building and enhancing solutions for multi-level programs and integration with third-party systems delivers fast, substantial results, and establishes performance metrics for advanced programs such as Lean Manufacturing. We also understand the need for education that emphasizes ownership, transaction integrity and conformance with new government programs such as Item Unique Identification (IUID). We don’t simply transfer best practices from a “top-down” perspective, but rather work to discover your true needs and then design solutions for sustainable long-term performance.