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Transforming to the Digital Market

Ubiquitous connectivity dramatically changes the market dynamics in media, challenging traditional mass media business models while at the same time offering new opportunities. Successful media companies establish direct relationships with digital audiences and develop new methods to monetize ownership of their relationships. This has meant a shift from a content-centric to an audience-centric business.

Compelling Content Creation

Shorten time to market and increase product success rates.

  • Media Planning
  • Content Financials
  • Job Management
  • Rights Acquisition and License Sales
  • Asset Operations and Maintenance

Audience Engagement

Gain customer trust and get to know them, deliver personalized customer experiences to grow not only relationships but also your bottom line

  • Single Customer View
  • Consent-Based Marketing
  • Optimized Marketing

Content Monetization

Transform how to serve modern customers with omnichannel content monetization solutions

  • Sales Force Automation
  • Quote to Cash
  • Subscription Management
  • Omnichannel Commerce Management
  • Commerce Personalization


Drive sustainable savings while supporting innovation.

  • Source and Contract
  • Buy and Deliver Indirect Goods
  • Central Procurement
  • Supplier and Risk Management
  • Buy and Deliver Direct Goods
  • Buy and Deliver Services
  • Invoice and Pay
  • Procurement Analytics
  • Trading Partner Collaboration


Even in the face of sustained market volatility and increasing regulatory demands, best practices help financial organizations excel.

  • Invoice-to-Pay
  • Invoice-to-Cash
  • Real Estate
  • Financial Planning and Analysis
  • Record-to-Report
  • Travel-to-Reimburse
  • Treasury Management
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance

Human Resources

Enable growth and sustainability by providing choice in the delivery of HR processes and services. Couple global capabilities, integration, and real-time insight with mobile-device support to drive greater value, increase employee and customer satisfaction, and improve business performance.

  • Core Human Resources and Service Delivery
  • Talent Management and Learning
  • Payroll and Time & Attendance Management
  • Talent Acquisition
  • People Analytics

Media Companies Face New Challenges and
Opportunities Amid Digital Disruption

Media has been at the forefront of digital transformation. From the outset, consumers have driven this transformation, combined with digital native companies entering the industry. The winners will be those media companies that drive deep, intimate, personalized, and engaging relationships with consumers in a world of almost infinite media choices

Evolving content experience Content will always be the primary way to engage audiences. To retain and engage audiences, media companies must produce compelling content and deliver a beautiful experience across multiple devices.

Changing audience behaviour Consumers are unlocking new revenue models for media companies while disrupting traditional ones

Media companies increase their relevance to consumers by using captured and analyzed data to personalize content offerings and the user experience. They need to match specific content with the most appropriate audiences, channels, and flexible business models

Architecting for scale and flexibility To maximize this new opportunity, media companies must invest in platforms that allow them to use data as a strategic differentiator.

To better compete with disruptors, media companies should build their own direct-to-consumer platforms. As more consumer data is harnessed and advanced analytics are applied, new targeting opportunities emerge

Solutions tailored to your building products business

Forge a vision for a different kind of data-driven business by adopting technologies for Big Data,
mobility, autonomy, geo sensing, analytics, and 3D printing.

SAP S/4HANA is an intelligent, integrated ERP system

Address industry-specific requirements with proven best practices for 26 verticals and enable new business models as your marketplace evolves

Revolutionize business processes with intelligent automation — supported by artificial intelligence and robotic process automation

Make better decisions faster with embedded analytics, a conversational interface, and digital assistants

Meet your IT landscape goals with hybrid, cloud, and on-premise scenarios that share a consistent data model, code line, and user experience

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Learn how you can adopt industry best practices for your Oil and Gas company by using a proven technology framework. Achieve operational excellence in core financial and engagement management practices, and across your entire business.
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The Value of SAP S/4HANA for Media Companies

SAP delivers support for becoming an intelligent enterprise in the media industry –providing integrated business applications that use intelligent technologies and can be extended on SAP Cloud Platform to deliver breakthrough business value
Ten-year innovation vision

Deliver fully intelligent business solutions and networks that span across company boundaries and promote purpose-driven businesses. These solutions will be the most empathic symbiosis between machine intelligence and human ingenuity

  • Self running enterprise systems
  • Self-organizing business ecosystems
  • New markets and business models

Comprehensive industry coverage

SAP enables the comprehensive coverage of the complete media value chain across the enterprise. With its clear industry road map, SAP is the partner of choice for the media industry

  • 9 of the top 10 film studios are innovating with SAP solutions.
  • 74% of worldwide delivered radio and TV content comes from TV broadcasting companies that run SAP solutions.
  • 83% of global Forbes 2000 publishing companies are SAP customers.

Proven services offering

By bringing together world -class innovators, industry and emerging technology expertise, proven use cases, and design thinking methods, we help media companies develop innovations that deliver impact at scale.

  • Use proven methodologies to drive innovation, from reimagining customer experiences to enhancing operations
  • Fuel your innovation through a managed innovation ecosystem from SAP
  • Build your own innovation capability and culture

Transform and Scale

The digital journey of media companies has reached a point where the dust of early disruptions has settled and the new roles and road maps are more clearly defined.

With the first -generation aggregator platforms facing all kinds of pushbacks, chances are that the cards are being reshuffled. M&A dynamics and convergence in the video segment show how the players prepare for best-start positions for their own platforms. Online video is set to be a key battleground as younger digital generations have grown up in a world where video and vlogging have become the primary format for consuming information across all areas: from news, entertainment, communications, and education to any kind of support on everyday questions and decisions. Serving this visually primed audience with a 360-degree, unified content experience at scale is the goal of the next wave of transformation that affects people and IT.