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Mill Product


Boost customer experience with a connected
Mill Products business

Market demand is cyclical and slowing down globally. Production overcapacity, high energy costs, commodity price volatility, and regulatory requirements expose mill products companies to increased risk and force them to control costs.

Business Planning

Transform your supply chain into a demand-driven network with demand-driven digital business planning

  • Demand Management and Insights
  • Sales, Inventory and Operations Planning
  • Response and Supply Planning
  • Portfolio and Project Management
  • Product Development and Configuration

Asset Management

Improve the health of your assets, increase collaboration, and accelerate performance with integrated enterprise asset management.

  • Intelligent Asset Management
  • Asset Operations and Maintenance

Intelligent Manufacturing

Become more responsive to customers Develop real-time visibility and transparency of manufacturing operations, optimize manufacturing processes, and collaborate in global networks while lowering total manufacturing costs

  • Industrial Insights
  • Manufacturing Networks
  • Manufacturing Operations (Industry 4.0)
  • Manufacturing Execution for Industry 4.0
  • Environment, Health, and Safety


Despite sustained market volatility and greater demand for regulatory compliance, financial organizations are excelling through best practices.

  • Invoice-to-Pay
  • Invoice-to-Cash
  • Real Estate
  • Financial Performance Management
  • Record-to-Report
  • Travel-to-Reimburse
  • Treasury Management
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance

Digital Logistics

Balance customer service and delivery costs through efficient digital logistics and order fulfilment

  • Yard and Warehouse Management
  • Transportation Management
  • Track & Trace and Logistics Networks
  • Order Promising

Human Resources

The new world of work Enable growth and sustainability by providing choice in the delivery of HR processes and services. Increase value, employee satisfaction, and business performance.

  • Core Human Resources and Service Delivery
  • Talent Management and Learning
  • Payroll and Time & Attendance Management
  • Talent Acquisition
  • People Analytics

Challenges on the Horizon The Mill Products
Industry is changing rapidly

Integrate sales, inventory, operations, and logistics to support collaborative decision-making across your
enterprise and balance demand and supply

Leading mill products companies are navigating challenging market dynamics to create and capture new business opportunities.

Incumbent strategies such as proximity to customers, feedstock, or in-house intellectual property are heavily threatened by volatile energy and raw material prices, mass customization, supply chain complexity, and geopolitical risks.

Limited organic growth opportunities, increasing competition from emerging countries, and heterogeneous product portfolios limit the capabilities to achieve sustainable margins.

With shifting world orders and formerly low-cost labor regions on the rise, questions like "what to make where" and "how to globalize a business" have reached a new level of relevance.

Early adopters of innovative technologies have the unique opportunity to master market and workforce challenges and secure a sustainable advantage by acting as game changers and digital disruptors.

Solutions tailored to your building products business

Integrate sales, inventory, operations, and logistics to support collaborative decision-making across your
enterprise and balance demand and supply


Optimize and grow your building products business with SAP S/4HANA. Our next-generation business suite enables you to adopt global industry best practices

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SAP Customer Experience

Engage and transact with your customers anywhere on any device to drive digital customer interactions and gain deep insights for segmentation and personalization.
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Simplify and improve your business with the latest innovations

The regulatory, competitive, natural, and economic playing fields
create and constrain the opportunities to drive for efficiency and to capture new growth potential.
Achieving customer centricity

Putting the customers' point of view at the center of every decision is a key prerequisite for success in the digital age. This goes well past the sales department; it also encompass es what to produce and what services are offered. Having relevant information ready for a customer contributes to business success as well.

Offering small lot sizes and individualization

Quick order completion and delivery of tailor-made solutions create additional value for customers. Being able to executethe wish of a customer from order through manufacturing and delivery – all while considering costs and margin –is a key differentiator.

Running smart factories and digital networks

Transform your supply chain into a responsive network. Companies face volatile customer demand and heightened expectations of responsiveness. Innovative technologies can help meet these higher expectations by providing vital business information across the network. Real-time insights into operations such as asset status enable agile and intelligent respons es to last-minute changes such as urgent customer requests or machine failures.

Supporting value-added services and new business models

Digitalization and the interconnection of products and services create additional value. An example is being able to drive new revenue opportunities by providing additional data on products shipped or advice on the best use of a complex product. There is also the opportunity for companies to look up, down, and across their value chains to expand into additional markets that evolve into the managing of ecosystems.

Operating for purpose

Mill products companies want to address growing expectations from customers, investors, employees, and society. Offering a safe, attractive, and purpose-driven business attracts talent, investors, and customers alike. Efficient production and logistics contribute to lower emissions and energy use, which are increasingly important criteria for suppliers. Reuse of materials is thefuture as part of closed-loop material circulation.

The Rise of the Intelligent Enterprise

Intelligence and the vision/ability to change has always set successful businesses apart and digital transformation will be no different, except now it is the enterprise itself that needs to become intelligent

An intelligent enterprise can do more with less, empower employees, deliver best-in-class customer experiences, and invent new business models. This enables employees to focus on higher-value outcomes – a driving force within digital transformation.

Now, as technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), and advanced analytics become mainstream, SAP has a new opportunity to help customers become intelligent enterprises. SAP provides three essential components – an intelligent suite for integrated business processes, a digital platform for data orchestration and application integration, and intelligent technologies to detect patterns, predict outcomes, and suggest actions.

All the pieces of the puzzle come together to work as one – that's the Intelligent Enterprise.