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Mining Product


Build a connected mining enterprise for efficient supply chains, deep operational insights, and increased safety

Create a connected mining enterprise to better manage supply chain processes, digitize operations, integrate operational technology with business processes, and make the work place safer.

Commodity Supply Chain Management

Improve profitability through effective sales contract handling and commodity supply chain management

  • Long-Term Business Planning
  • Customer Engagement
  • Sales, Purchase, and Shipment of Commodities
  • Non-Bulk Transportation Management

Sourcing and Procurement

Procurement Excellence in a Networked Economy

  • Source and Contract
  • Buy and Deliver Indirect Goods
  • Plan and Forecast
  • Central Procurement
  • Supplier and Risk Management
  • Buy and Deliver Direct Goods
  • Buy and Deliver Services
  • Invoice and Pay
  • Procurement Analytics
  • Trading Partner Collaboration

Mine Operations

Gain deep insight into mine operations and optimize equipment use with integrated information and operational technology

  • Portfolio and Project Management
  • Mining and Processing
  • Asset Operations and Maintenance
  • Intelligent Asset Management
  • Warehouse Management


Despite sustained market volatility and greater demand for regulatory compliance, financial organizations are excelling through best practices.

  • Invoice-to-Pay
  • Invoice-to-Cash
  • Real Estate
  • Financial Performance Management
  • Record-to-Report
  • Travel-to-Reimburse
  • Treasury Management
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance

Operational Risk and Compliance Management

Improve operational risk and compliance management in every operation

  • Environment, Health, and Safety
  • Product Compliance

Human Resources

The new world of work Enable growth and sustainability by providing choice in the delivery of HR processes and services. Increase value, employee satisfaction, and business performance.

  • Core Human Resources and Service Delivery
  • Talent Management and Learning
  • Payroll and Time & Attendance Management
  • Talent Acquisition
  • People Analytics

Mining Companies Face New Challenges and Opportunities
Amid Digital Disruption

Leading mining companies use market dynamics to create and capture new business opportunities

Sustainability Electric vehicles, the circular economy, and renewable energy are leading to a shift in demand. The global movement toward increased recycling and renewable energy will reduce demand for some mass commodities. Meanwhile, electric vehicles will increase demand for rare commodities where the demand outstrips the supply.

Knowledge WorkersIncreasing automation, high-tech equipment and processes, and the mountains of data coming in from increased use of the Internet of Things are driving demand for highly skilled labor. Mining companies are competing with other industries forthe same labor force in this area.

Automation and RoboticsAutomation and robots will increasingly allow mining companies to move people out of hazardous areas and allow mining in areas thus far impossible to reach, such as deep-ocean locations. Automation is also driving big efficiency gains in back-office processes for repetitive non-value-added tasks.

Solutions tailored to your building products business

Forge a vision for a different kind of data-driven business by adopting technologies for Big Data,
mobility, autonomy, geo sensing, analytics, and 3D printing.


Optimize and grow your building products business with SAP S/4HANA. Our next-generation business suite enables you to adopt global industry best practices

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SAP Customer Experience

Engage and transact with your customers anywhere on any device to drive digital customer interactions and gain deep insights for segmentation and personalization.
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Take your business to the next level through digital transformation

The regulatory, competitive, natural, and economic playing fields
create and constrain the opportunities to drive for efficiency and to capture new growth potential.
Our Understanding of Mining Strategic Priorities

Leading mining companies plan to capture new business opportunities by driving consumer outcomes, increasing productivity, and empowering innovation culture. Leaders focus on these four strategic priorities:Make the business more predictable, sustainable, and safer Collaborate with customers, suppliers, and workers,Enhance operational and commercial agility,Increase productivity through automation

Enabling Mining Priorities with SAP Software

Leading mining companies have come to recognize the impact and potential of digital transformation. They seek to constantly innovate across the value chain to drive profitable growth by successfully adapting to how customers want to acquire, use, and pay for their solutions and services. To achieve these objectives, they are focused on the strategic priorities outlined below.

Simplifying the IT Landscape to Move Ahead

Technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning (ML), the cloud, and predictive analytics all are required to achieve the strategic priorities for mining. But companies are still learning to use these technologies at scale, adopt new business models, and innovate business processes. Much of the challenge relates to the level of complexity across the four key layers of technology.

Identifying the Value

All mining companies are grappling with the reality of the digital economy. These companies are discovering that their existing enterprise systems cannot deliver the capabilities needed to drive their strategic priorities; nor can they help organizations move to the next level of customer and consumer experience, productivity, or workforce engagement. Initial results from adoption of SAP solutions are so promising that companies cannot ignore the impact on their industry cost structure and competitive play.

What Is TechLab's Value?

Digital disruption brings opportunity seize it. Today's organizations need more agile operations so they can rapidly scale, react and innovate. Techlab Systems accelerates your digital journey by arming you with new operating models that deliver superior business outcomes and propel you ahead of competitors. Techlab is experienced in multiple execution models for effective rollouts, including both the phased and the big bang approach

Increase productivity Through Automation

Automation in mining will be relevant in many different areas, from the automation of physical labor and the usage of autonomous vehicles to the increasing use of remote control centers.

By 2025, the mining industry will greatly increase its use of automation across all aspects of the business. Automation will impact not only operations but also back -office processes and data analytics. Increased usage of robots and autonomous vehicles will move people out of hazardous areas and increase productivity. Automating back -office processes shifts the focus of employees to value- added processes. Machine learning and artificial intelligence automate processes to analyze large amounts of data, helping companies to gain insights and ultimately increase efficiencies.