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    Public agencies in developed countries are under public scrutiny against the backdrop of declining tax revenues due to the recession coupled with the increase in economic measure spending. Is the service really necessary? Is the fairness ensured? Isn’t it actually loaded with wasteful spending? Only those that can give clear answers to these questions will be able to survive. However, this in no way means that needs for public services are withering. In increasingly aging developed counties, especially, services to support people’s living free from anxiety will grow, and new services will be created. What is required is the ability to gauge diversifying needs and realize services to fulfill them. For sustainable operation, additional efforts will be necessary to improve the efficiency in services, optimize the organization, and reduce costs in every possible way, including privatization of some of the operations.

    We view citizens as your stakeholders, and beneficiaries of services you provide as your customers. Our expertise includes audits, validations, process assessments and optimization, organizational change initiatives, IT design and implementation, IT outsourcing services, private finance advisory, privatization support, and assistance with proposals for major initiatives.