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Sports & Entertainment


The Best Run Entertainment Organization

Deliver a superior customer experience with innovative SAP solutions that meet the unique needs of the entertainment industry. Our integrated software can help you exceed the expectations of your players, patrons, visitors, and customers by improving end-to-end business processes – from customer engagement and commerce, to partner and employee management, all the way to Big Data-based predicting, planning, and forecasting.

Strategic Demand Management

Maintain a revenue-maximizing, multi-project entertainment portfolio with strategic demand management

  • Planning and Analysis
  • Capital Portfolio and Project Management
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance

Contextual Marketing and Customer Service Excellence

Increase return rates through omnichannel contextual marketing and customer service excellence

  • Omnichannel Customer Service
  • Single Customer View

Digital Transformation of Commerce and Sales

Build long-term customer loyalty with omnichannel strategies for digital commerce and sales

  • Omnichannel Commerce Management
  • Ticketing


With sustained market volatility and tighter margins, CFOs need to drive operational efficiency and leverage business insight to excel

  • Invoice-to-Pay, Invoice-to-Cash
  • Financial Planning and Analysis
  • Record-to-Report,Travel-to-Reimburse
  • Treasury Management
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance

Human Resources

Increase employee and customer satisfaction and improve business performance by providing a choice in the delivery of HR processes and services.

  • Core Human Resources and Service Delivery
  • Talent Management and Learning
  • Talent Acquisition
  • People Analytics

Industry Trends Shaping the Experience- Centric Entertainment Park

Leading Sports & Entertainment companies use market dynamics to create and capture new business opportunities

Intellectual Property & Brand Management Many entertainment parks now base their new lands – or even entire new resort developments – on movie and game intellectual property to create branded experiences. Those operators take huge risks both when purchasing intellectual property and when designing and building new resorts, which need to be financed by larger visitor bases staying longer and spending more money. But how do they get new visitors into the newly opened resort in the first place? How can park operators capitalize on their intellectual property with new audiences and drive a more personalized engagement and deeper relationship with their guests? How do parks optimize the social scale of their brands?

Higher Customer Expectations The entire entertainment park industry relies on creating the most differentiated customer experience in the park versus the one visitors might have in their normal lives. As a result, the ability to constantly go beyond everyday experiences is of utmost importance for operators. Many parks already fuse digital technologies like virtual reality and physical constructions like a ride into an enhanced experience. How can parks keep up with ever-increasing expectations from millennials, digital natives, and the mobile generation and still create a "different" experience?

Building Destinations By using intellectual property and adding hotels, retail facilities, water parks, and sport arenas, park operators can attract a multitude of target groups for a longer time at the same destination. Such a portfolio of park lands caters to specific tastes and interests. But how does the park manage each visitor's individual park journey while optimizing enjoyment and minimizing in-park travel and visitor queuing? How does the park deliver a seamless user experience across every business unit, target group, and channel? And how does it track, manage, and optimize all staff members, suppliers, and financial data across the park – or even across various countries?

Solutions tailored to your building products business

Forge a vision for a different kind of data-driven business by adopting technologies for Big Data,
mobility, autonomy, geo sensing, analytics, and 3D printing.

SAP S/4HANA is an intelligent, integrated ERP system

Address industry-specific requirements with proven best practices for 26 verticals and enable new business models as your marketplace evolves

Revolutionize business processes with intelligent automation — supported by artificial intelligence and robotic process automation

Make better decisions faster with embedded analytics, a conversational interface, and digital assistants

Meet your IT landscape goals with hybrid, cloud, and on-premise scenarios that share a consistent data model, code line, and user experience

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Learn how you can adopt industry best practices for your Oil and Gas company by using a proven technology framework. Achieve operational excellence in core financial and engagement management practices, and across your entire business.
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The Value of SAP S/4HANA for Sports & Entertainment Companies

Imagine if you could merge your digital and physical business operations – integrating people, devices, Big Data, and business networks in real time to predict what your customers are likely to want. Now imagine the ability to close your books days earlier, create profit and loss reports on the fly, and improve forecasting to gain the edge on the competition.

SAP S/4HANA delivers real-time insights, empowering your employees to act in the moment and create customized, on-demand offers for visitors.


SAP S/4HANA goes beyond automation. It uses predictive technology to calculate the next-best action.


SAP S/4HANA integrates all departments from the floor to the back office – even across multiple geographic locations to support global operations. In addition to eliminating data silos, it automates and synchronizes business processes by aligning finance, accounting, and procurement while connecting to the outside world

Collaborative tools

For onboarding, workforce scheduling, succession planning, payroll, and more foster a culture of continuous learning and professional development

Run Your Entertainment Park As a Real-Time, Live Business with SAP

Supported by SAP solutions, you can digitalize your entertainment park operations and interconnect all aspects of your digital value chain in real time – including asset management, Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), workforce engagement, supplier collaboration, business networks, customer engagement, and the omnichannel experience. What's more, you can run our solutions in the cloud, on premise, or in a hybrid environment.

SAP solutions integrate technology with actionable intelligence. They create a unified view of your customers while tracking per capita spending in real time. Based on this proven foundation, you can scale your business to match demand, manage multiple resort locations, empower staff and partners, and generate a single-customer record to increase profitability and reduce costs. You can maintain an operating environment that's designed to handle the oscillation between online and offline operations. You can also recognize loyal visitors wherever they may be at the entrance, in the park, on an attraction, in a queue, at the photo wall, in the parking lot, or at a restaurant